My Name is Ken Kalin

I am 17 years old and enjoy Ham Radio, computer programming, and electronics. I am an Amateur Extra class Licensee and have worked over 130 countries with my HF radio station (KC1AHI). I am also a member of the Sci-Tech Amateur Radio Society and ARRL. I enjoy joining weekly VHF/UHF nets and NTS nets. I like to operate in annual radio contests including Field Day, the ARRL international DX Contest, and the ARRL November Sweepstakes.

I also enjoy Programming and developing websites and mobile apps. Recently, I designed a messaging service reminiscent of old chat rooms called The Messageboard. The Messageboard allows users to create and join "messageboards" where they can chat with their friends. The messageboard is a standalone website and is accessible from its companion iPhone app on the Apple App Store. I also built a mobile game called Bubble Basher where the user must pop bubbles before they reach the top of the screen. I am also working on designing a American Sign Language recognition program that uses the Leap Motion to analyze gestures and speak them out. This allows people who don't know sign language to understand ASL without an interpreter.

I also enjoy repairing and designing electronics. I am very experienced with a solderer and I have repaired many electronic devices such as computer keyboards and radio equipment. Additionally, I am involved in designing simple electronic circuit kits with KB1RD at NEST . These kits help kids learn how to solder and are a great tool to teach people about electronics.